Public DMPs

Public DMPs are plans created using the DMPonline service and shared publicly by their owners. They are not vetted for quality, completeness, or adherence to funder guidelines.

Project Title  Template  Organisation Owner Download
CHANGE LAB An application and evaluation of Dialectical Behavioral Therapy for improving research work outcomes DCC Template Other Ryan Armstrong (new window) Opens in new window
Central and Eastern European Sustainable Energy Union Horizon 2020 DMP University of Tartu Lenard Milich (new window) Opens in new window
CEG-PhD TU Delft Data Management Questions (old version, do not use) Delft University of Technology Syaiful Alam (new window) Opens in new window
Cataract Online Refraction Evaluation: A Multi Center Randomized Controlled Trial UMC Utrecht DMP UMC Utrecht Janneau Claessens (new window) Opens in new window
Cascading transitions in multistable perception Data Management Plan NWO (September 2020) University of Amsterdam (Universiteit van Amsterdam) Han van der Maas (new window) Opens in new window
Care2report: The development and testing of automated medical visit summarization as integrated solution to enhance time with patients and reduce administrative burden in clinical geriatrics Data management ZonMw-template 2019 Radboud University Medical Center (Radboudumc) Lourens Kraft van Ermel (new window) Opens in new window
CArdiovascularREsolution of INflammation to promote HEALTH (CARE-IN-HEALTH) KIs Template for Swedish Research Council DMP Karolinska Institutet Payam Haftbaradaran Esfahani (new window) Opens in new window
CARA Health Research Board DMP Template University College Dublin Akke Vellinga (new window) Opens in new window
CAPRI-3 DCC Template Radboud University Medical Center (Radboudumc) Dianne Bosch (new window) Opens in new window
CANNABODIES: Modelling the Influence of Cannabinoids on the Embodied Mind ERC DMP Other Micah Allen (new window) Opens in new window